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National electronics teacher training and software to be provided by QuickLink Systems

During this years annual Digital D and T conference at Sheffield Hallam University, Quinn Gardener (founder of QuickLink Systems) announced the launch of its national electronics teacher training programme –“From Kits to Creativity”. To kick start these events, Digital D and T regional support centres have been offered a free copy of QuickLink’s teaching & learning software Project Tools PLUS to use with teachers attending their local events. Where there is demand for further support, QuickLink can provide hands-on training and free software to teachers wanting to build the necessary confidences and competences to deliver more creative electronics projects at Key Stage 3. You can find further details of QuickLink’s core electronics CPD by visiting: Electronics Training Course "From The Ground Up"
July 13th 2011
Quinn supported C-MAC's EASTLINK meeting in Great Yarmouth. Attending this session were local businesses including representatives from STEMNET and Hethel Engineering - the East of England D and T Digital centre. Many thanks to Lynda and Paul for organising an enjoyable evening and to Rob, Amanda and the teachers for their great support and positive feedback.
March 16th 2011
QuickLink's New Website Goes OnLine: With training courses being increasingly difficult to attend, our latest community website provides opportunities for teachers to connect on-line and more easily exchange teaching ideas with like-minded professionals. We hope you will register and enjoy - There is no charge.2011

QuickLink were pleased to support the Big Bang Eastern held at the Duxford Imperial War Museum.
Over 700 people took part in this ambitious event - organised by the consortium of STEM TEAM Cambridgeshire, STEM TEAM Essex and SETPOINT Hertfordshire . It generated a very positive atmosphere and proved to be an inspiring great day out - Quinn even managed to finally go on Concorde!

July 16th 2010
Project Tools now mapped to the OCR Engineering Diplomas and Unit F552: "Construct Electronic & Electrical Systems".January 2010
Exhibitors at the Birmingham NEC 2009 D and T show:

- Stand E54

QuickLink launched three new products:-

Project Tools PLUS: Additional modules feature a greater range of subsystems and PICS - now providing greater support for Key Stage 4 and Engineering Diploma courses.
PICPOD Modelling Module: Allows SmartStart control systems to be extended with 9 volt programmed PICS.
PIC Project Boards (PPB's): After modelling with PICPOD the 9 volt PPB is used to make standalone PIC control systems.
November 19th - 21st 2009
QuickLink Systems Launch "Project Tools Out-of-the-Box" at DATA Educational and International Research Coference, Loughborough University:-

In the "heat" of this years conference, I had a very enjoyable time meeting teachers, advisors and trainers not only from England, but also from Canada, Malta, Wales and Ireland. This was the first occassion that we demonstrated our teaching bundles Project Tools "Out-of-the-Box".

QuickLink Systems DATA 2009 Loughborough University

With many new courses being introduced: Diplomas, K.S.3 National Curriculum - there is now a stronger need for D and T electronics SOW's to deliver wider curriculum aims such as personal learning & thinking skills and present opportunities for cross-curricular activities, creativity and independent learning. This is an approach that we have always felt to be very important: where learning is encouraged and enhanced through problem solving and purposeful design & make activities.

The Chief Executive of DATA, Richard Green, stated in his conference welcome "...we must never lose sight of the fact that design and technology in schools is not just a utilitarian provider of young people for the design, technology and engineering sectrors. Its unique contribution to the general education of all is recognised in the National Curriculum importance statement and this has provided a useful starting point for secondary departments looking to review their Key Stage 3 provision in the light of the new programme of study introduced last September."(D and T - A Platform for Success - Education and International Research Conference 2009, page 3 Richard Green, Chief Executive).
July 1st-2nd 2009
Teachers and learners from the Notley High School Braintree join QuickLink Systems to get hands-on at the NEC Birmingham D and T Show 2008.

20th - 22nd November 2008
Curriculum Support Meetings

* Notley High School 21 May 08
* Lynn Grove VA High School Great Yarmouth 5 June 08
* Duxford Air Museum 12 June 08
* Essex University 18 June 08

Anglia Ruskin University,Cambridge
STEM Team Cambridgeshire
13 Jan. 09

Many thanks from Brian and myself for attending these support meetings. We have posted a few of the comments we received back below:

"An excellent training opportunity to see a product which will really work in schools which students will enjoy."
Kate Poynter Head of Department Colne Community School and College Essex

“…. the presentation showed me the possibilities of how electronics can be more creative…”
Martin Reeves St. Benedicts School Essex

“...I found the session very insightful. There were loads of ideas on display to improve my schemes of work.”
Geejor Adonoo St. Helena School Essex
2008 -09
30th D and T with ICT Education Show - NEC Birmingham

It was another busy time for Brian and myself at the stand. We had great fun and enjoyed meeting and talking with many of the teachers and educationalists. Thank you, if you stopped-by for a demo and for registering with us.
Nov. 2007.
EiSS and ECT trainers meeting: Arden Hotel Birmingham

An introduction to QuickLink's software and hardware was provided to delegates from the EiSS hubs and to the ECT trainers.
Following this we are now delighted to become a partner with the EISS and support the training of students and teachers.
2 October 2007
The Design and Technology Association "Linking Learning" University of Wolvehampton

If you attended the Design and Technology Association Annual Conference in July you would have heard feedback from the Cara2 report into "Creativity in electronics teaching" by Torben Steeg and John Martin. QuickLInk Systems was pleased to be part of this and hear how Paul Anderson and his department at the Birkdale school was able to use the QuickLink123+ software and Fasttrack pcb to easily manage individual student projects:

….“QuickLink proved to be an excellent entry-level support to the teaching of electronics using system theory; it allowed the pupil's flexibility of choice to customise their own circuits”
.…“The use of a standard circuit board meant that pupils could achieve personalised outcomes, without the need to make twenty-odd individual PCBs. Both of these factors together mean that this is an easy option to manage for the Department,”
….”It was agreed by all the teachers involved that QuickLink was an effective and accessible way of supporting systems-based circuit design”.

Birkdale High School
July 2007
The Design and Technology Association "Linking Learning" University of Wolvehampton - CONTINUED

QuickLink's seminar on the last day also provided an insight into how the "Fasttrack" pcb facilitates rapid hands-on modelling through its pin connector system. The main advantages experienced included; the speed of putting control circuits together, the way components can be used again and again (with no further outlay) and the way hands-on activities with real components was very easy to manage.

2006 saw the launch of QuickLink 123+ v2.4 at the annual exhibition and we were pleased to demonstrate its many exciting new tools and features.

Following teachers requests and suggestions; audio support has now been included in the tutorials section to provide extra assistance. We have also updated the number of circuits that can be made with the FastTrack pcb from 133 to over 750. This has been made possible by adding extra switch input design icons and more process icons - including PIC. This now means that teachers can confidently cover most project ideas that younger students will come up with.
July 2007

29th D and T with ICT Education Show "Creating Practical Minds" held at the NEC Birmingham.

We would like to thank all of the teachers for their time and kind comments at our demonstrations:
we supplied nearly 150 of these over the 3 days - Thank you Patsy and Brian!

16th, 17th and 18th Nov. 2006
QuickLink123+ V2.4 launched with audio supportNov. 2006
The Design and Technology Association "Designing for the Future" Conference: Wolverhampton.

Getting "hands-on" experience at the DATA conference University of Wolverhampton

With changes to the K.S. 3 curriculum happening, QuickLink were pleased to highlight many new features that enable "more open" K.S. 3 DMA's to be undertaken. These provide greater opportunities for students to supply their own creative practical solutions and also develop their understanding of electronics and systems.
5th, 6th and 7th of July 2006

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