PIC 9v Generic Project PCB

OverviewThe 9 volt PIC project board (PPB) can be used to make several hundred different PIC controlled circuits when used with the Project Tools’ PLUS design software. Being identical in concept to the FastTrack generic PCB it provides the next step for learners needing greater control possibilities within their  input/process/output designed circuits. 

Features and Benefits:
 Provides an easy way to add greater control possibilities or differentiation to activities within the classroom.
Minimum of components required makes stock cheaper and circuits easier to manage in the class by teachers.
All PIC project boards operate from a higher 9v supply which reduces costs and the chance of accidentally damaging the lower operating voltage PIC I.C..
 Sequential systems approach makes project circuits easier to follow and fault-find, as components are logically positioned.

 Supplied ready drilled, tinned + legend + solder resist using quality FR4 board. This ensures better soldering and higher success rate.
You can model/test your circuits first and reduce typical first-time errors by using the  PIC FastTrack Modelling Module

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PCB: FR4 Board Approx (60 x 40) mm – Pre Drilled, Tinned + Legend
 Offers 5 input/output pins with digital/analogue capability dependent on PIC used (accepts 12F629, 12F675, PICAXE 08 and 08M devices). One ouput is transistor buffered but for additional output buffering or input capability the board may be simply “stacked ” with a FastTrack pcb. 
Strain relief holes for switch and battery
Pre-drilled mounting holes used to locate board in project housings or for stacking with FastTrack PCB.
All circuits use external 9v supply and internal 5.1 volt zener
(Lower Current Zinc Carbide Battery 9v recommended – not supplied)
Name box allows user-identification of circuit boards to avoid mixups 

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