PICPOD PIC Modelling

PICPOD Modelling Module

OverviewThe PICPOD  microcontroller module is used to extend the “Processing” stage of the FastTrack modelling unit.

This add-on unit allows the additional benefits of PIC technology to be easily incorporated into discrete circuits.

The fully enclosed and protected system simply drops into the SmartStart unit without the need for soldering. Its 4 legs connect with the 9v power rails (red + and black -), input stage (yellow) and output stage (purple). Lower 3 -4.5 voltage power supplies associated with PICS are not required.

This system provides a quick and easy method for testing/modelling circuits designed with Project Tools PLUS . After prototyping, a PIC FastTrack Project board (PPB) can be used to make a soldered, take-home version. (The PIC Project board infinitely extends the possibilities of the FastTrack muti-solution PCB). 

When in-circuit programming is required, the PICPOD Programming Pod is also available with a 3.5mm socket and LED download indicator for programming a PICAXE I.C’s. (see links above and below for further information)

Features and Benefits:


PICPOD Modelling Module
Operates from 9 volts which saves money and avoids accidental damage to the I.C.
Black box housing protects PIC circuitry and simplifies connections
I/O pins are protected against accidental overload.
Colour coded wires link with circuit diagrams shown in Project Tools PLUS.

See PICPOD Programming Module Below

PICPOD Modelling/Programming Module
All the features of PICPOD modelling module
3.5 mm socket accepts PICAXE programming cable for in-circuit programming (not included)
LED indicator shows programme download or output pin status

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Case Material: Moulded in tough black ABS material for classroom use.
 Sealed box with 1 Input – Pin 1 (A or D)/1 Output – Pin 4 with short circuit protection.
 For use with 12F629*, 12F675*, PICAXE 08(M2) I.C’s (not included). PICAXE I.C’s may need additional 10K resistor placed between leg 2 and leg 8 for greater stability. 
* These I.C.s need to be programmed with a separate programmer.  
 Internal 5.1v zener supply powered by SmartStart’s 9 volt battery. 
 PICPOD Programming module requires third party free Revolution programming software and PICAXE download cable.
Supplied ready-made: as individual items or in packs of 5 or 10.