FastTrack Modelling Module

OverviewThe FastTrack modelling module is a high quality prototyping system. It is identical in layout to the  FastTrack multi-solution PCB and allows students to quickly and easily model and test their projects before making. Circuit components are simply pushed into its low resistance, gold sprung connectors. 
By offering opportunities for experimenting and getting to know components, this helps to ensure greater success when going on to make soldered take-home projects.
SmartStart Plan ViewFeatures and Benefits:

 Supplied as ready-to-assemble kits in class packs of 5, 10, 20 
 Modelling units are battery powered and make an extremely convenient and affordable way of investigating system designs before making.
 More sustainable as the electronic components can be reused.
 Saves project costs when operating with lower budgets.
 Prototyping is quick and easy and achieved by simply pushing components into gold-plated low resistance connectors. 
 Similar to the way breadboard units function, but much easier to follow, as its logical layout follows the input, process, output stages of the circuit under test.
 Students can develop ideas, recognise & remedy common problems (such as the misplacing of components) with greater ease.  

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Case Material: Moulded in tough black ABS for classroom use.
PCB: High quality FR4 Board Approx (60 x 40) mm
Gold plated push-in connectors makes assembly quick and reliable.
  (max wire diameter 1mm)
Toggle SPST Switch + Wires + 1K Resistor, Power Connector – PP3 battery clip included
(Lower Current Zinc Carbide Battery 9v recommended – not supplied)
 Integral Storage Tray keeps components safer: Moulded in black ABS.
 Supplied in kit form with easy-to-follow assembly instructions. These may be copied for use as a class project.

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