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NEW – To comply with the 2014 National Curriculum, many departments are now introducing iterative designing and making into their electronics projects at Key Stage 3. To support teachers, our ready-to-use starter packages now include a 50% Project Tools’ software discount on Home User and 1 Yr School Network Licences… 

(Designed by teachers for use in the classroom)

Hardware Details:

Get hands-on from the start, with the ready-to-use Acorn starter projects. You can model circuits by simply pushing components into the unique prototyping module or make take-home systems by soldering components to an identical FastTrack multi-solution pcb.

“Acorn” Starter Project Details:

Acorn Project 0:
Basic touch sensor control system (providing an introduction to “subsystems” and transistor “switching”).

Acorn Project 1:
Latching pressure pad alarm.

Acorn Project 2:
Adjustable dampness/wet indicator.

Acorn Project 3:
Hand steady game challenge with momentary latch for better detection.


These starter projects introduce 9 input, process & output sub-systems and enable teachers to quickly demonstrate a broader range of subsystems than those typically found in K.S. 3 projects. All of these systems can be built using the same FastTrack pcb.

Project Tools Software Details:

Project Tools’ core tutorials, activities and classroom teaching resources are used with the Acorn projects to develop basic hands-on skills, knowledge and understanding of systems & electronics. With little instruction, learners are then able to use drag and drop tools to iteratively design, model and make their own systems: These are based around a suitable range of subsystems selected from Project Tools by the teacher and built with the same multi-purpose FastTrack pcb (so no individual pcb design/manufacture is needed).

By using “guided design”, teachers are able to progress from the Acorn focused tasks and easily deliver and manage more user-centred projects in their class. Read more

Package Options and Purchasing:

Teacher Pack OPTION 1: allows less experienced teachers, or non-specialists, to build/trial/test the Acorn projects themselves and use them later in class as demonstration models. It additionally contains the handouts and hardware shown above and a P.T. software Home User licence to allow teachers to develop their knowledge, understanding and schemes of work.

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– Class Pack OPTION 2: provides more established teachers of electronics with a class pack of components so the different Acorn projects (20 in all) can be built/trialled in class. It additionally contains the handouts and hardware shown above, plus a P.T.  software one year school network user licence for student/teacher use across the school.

(SAVE £92.00): £145 + p & p (see Check Out top right after clicking)

– Student Pack OPTION 3: contains the 4 Acorn project kits so students can develop their soldering skills and build their knowledge of subsystems commonly used in control projects. This package comes with a free P.T. software 6 Week Home User licence to support the learning of key electronics’ principles.

£7.95 + p & p (see Check Out top right after clicking)

– We can supply INSET to support your department – see details
– The above packages are supplied with a 30 day guarantee to ensure full satisfaction.

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Teacher Hardware Package
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Classroom Hardware Package
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1 Year School Network Licence

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* FastTrack Demonstration Project Pack with TRACKS Starter Software*
This pack contains the components and multi-solution FastTrack pcbs needed to build TRACKS' four starter projects: 0,1,2 & 3 - See TRACKS (starter) software for full circuit and construction details.
+ TRACKS (Starter) permanent software activation when you purchase this pack.
£19.80 + p & p

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